We are all, in a way, the stories we tell.

This is how I tell stories, with form and words in titles. Some stories are personal, some reflect the larger issues of our times, some refer to other artists' sources, such as the title of a Thelonius Monk album, or the name of James Baldwin's last unpublished novel. I've worked in wood ever since I started dumpster diving in New York in the eighties for cast off planks- I use better stock now. I know how to make material become the pieces I intend. My interest in craft and material is only to serve form.

The work here was created in the last three years. This body of work has generated a life of its own- I am finding no shortage of images to work with. 

I have begun sketching for a new series called "My Fathers' Work," in part an homage to my father, though it is also an appreciation of the work of other artists. Sketches of this series will appear on this site. Watch this space for further development.

Seth Callander